New Coordinator Chosen at Kent Tamang Hyulba’s Postponed Meeting

On February 7th, 2024, at Gurkha Villa, 30 Bank Street, Ashford, TN24 8SS, Kent Hyulba members gathered for a postponed meeting. Led by Mr. Ista Tamang, the session began at 1900 hrs. Mr. Ista Tamang provided clear details of Sonam Lochhar’s spending, emphasising transparency with documents available on Kent Tamang Hyulba’s Google Drive. Financial updates revealed a balance of £3,328.12 in the Kent Hyulba bank account, now the main account.

During the meeting, the group reached a consensus to select the Next Kent Tamang Hyulba Coordinator, and Mr. Jaya Tamang graciously volunteered for the role. His willingness to serve was acknowledged through the Coordinator Nomination Process. Mr. Jaya Tamang expressed his gratitude to the members for their trust and confidence in him.

As the meeting drew to a close, warm wishes and support poured in for Mr. Jaya Tamang as he steps into his new role. With his leadership, the Kent Hyulba community looks forward to a successful and vibrant year ahead.

Discussions also encompassed future plans, focusing on efficient management and inclusive decision-making. The meeting concluded with gratitude from Mr. Ista Tamang to all, wrapping up at 2050 hrs

Once again, many congratulations to Mr. Jaya Tamang, the Newly Appointed Coordinator of Kent Tamang Hyulba! Wishing you continued success and all the best in your new role.

Kent Tamang Hyulba Admin


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